A principled advocate who will stand up for our rights in Loudoun County
- for our parents, for our students, for our teachers -

I am a mother of children in Loudoun County Public Schools and a professional in the field of special education with over 20 years of experience in developing individualized education and behavioral treatment plans to meet the needs of each child I work with. I have built my personal life around my family, and my professional life around meeting the socially significant needs of children and their families. In essence, children are my life. As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst working with children on the autism spectrum, I possess a keen awareness of the importance of listening to parents when it comes to what they value most in terms of skills their children need to learn to become more independent and improve the quality of their lives. My ability to listen to parents equips me with the skills necessary to be an effective school board member. 

School board members cannot make better personal decisions for children than the child’s own parents and caregivers. Loudoun County is diverse, and we, as school board members, must fully realize that our role is to properly allocate taxpayer dollars to maximize the effectiveness of the education of all students. It is not to create mascots of “the anointed” so adults can pat themselves on the back. It is not to fund special interest groups who care nothing for our children but everything about how much money they can deposit after a training. 

  • Broad Run needs a school board member who will stand on principles and reject policies that do not benefit all students
  • Broad Run needs a school board member who is willing and able to discuss the difficult topics and bring solutions
  • Broad Run needs a school board member who will stand up for what is right for our students, parents, and teachers.   

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