Loudoun County students deserve to learn in an environment free of identity politics. Let’s prepare our students for the future instead of prioritizing special interest groups. 

  • Our budget should focus on the real academic needs of the students. 
  • Our taxes should fund consistent programs that allow teachers to master pedagogy and not fund special and corporate interest pursuits.
  • Classroom instruction should be relevant, rigorous and free of ideology.
  • Our special needs students must receive their services from qualified, trained individuals who are championed by our community.
  • Policy 5030 disincentivizes the value of working hard to achieve. Allowing student to retake tests scoring below 80% doesn’t prepare them for the demands of real life.


Parents have a fundamental right to the education and upbringing of their children. They know their children best, and their individual values (familial, medical, and personal) must be respected and protected.

  • Parents have the right to view themselves as primary educators and schools must respect this.
  • Schools exist to educate students, not police or promote medical procedures that threaten the autonomy of family choice.
  • Parents have a right to review all curriculum, but especially that which contains sensitive and/or controversial material. 
  • Policy 8040 and Regulation-8040 damages the partnership between parents and school staff because it denies families and caregivers their fundamental right to protect children from values that may not align to their own.


We must prioritize the needs of our educators over the desires of highly paid consultants and special interest groups who stand to profit off our children, yet time and again, produce little to no measurable results.  

  • Teachers’ input should be first in line, not purchased input of a third-party consultant.
  • For far too long, teachers have been physically and mentally taxed with the burden of capitulating to instructional fads; we need consistency.
  • Teachers are telling us that they need qualified support and the knowledge of how to handle behavior in the classroom.  We should be investing in their care.
  • Loudoun County needs to compete with Fairfax County in terms of retirement planning. Fairfax County has a dual retirement system through ERFC and VRS; our teachers deserve the same.

Paid for and Authorized by Tiffany for Broad Run